Millions of girls around the world are living through conflict, disaster and displacement. Girls are among the worst affected in any crisis, facing double discrimination by being both young and female. This means their voices are often the least heard.

Young people and especially girls, are often left out of the conversations that have the potential to impact their lives. That’s why Plan International UK ran youth consultations bringing young people together to discuss what they want to see change.

This issue urgently needs a global plan of action and girls must be at the heart of this process.

Now is the time for organisations, governments, donors and young people to work together to ensure girls’ demands are heard and become a reality.

Become a partner today to stand with girls.


Workshop in Uganda
Focus group discussion with South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

The youth consultations

Plan International UK partnered with over 150 young people living through crises in 3 countries – Congolese refugees in Rwanda, South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda and girls living in conflict-affected North East Nigeria.

Our youth-led participatory methodology included focus-groups and key informant interviews to further investigate what impacts young girls’ lives and the barriers they face. And at every step these consultations were delivered by youth researchers.


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Focus groups included participatory art-based activities to reflect on and draw the journey of their lives – their ‘river of life’. 


It was not easy, thinking about how it was in the past. But because I was with others, I comforted myself and it encouraged me to prepare the future - Alice, Congolese refugee in Rwanda

Our Vision: A Call to Action by Girls in Crisis’ reflects the issues, the challenges and the required changes young people raised during these consultations. It is their vision for a better future. 

This process took place before the coronavirus crisis swept the globe, making life even more challenging for those already living through humanitarian crises. As a result, we reengaged the three communities involved in the consultation to hear how their life had been impacted by this global health crisis and incorporated their input into the Call to Action. Girls themselves were at the heart of this process – this has been led by girls. They will continue to play a crucial role in the implementation of their vision, forming a youth steering group to shape the future of the Call to Action partnership.

That’s why their Call to Action is so vital, it is has been developed by girls focused on their own lives.



Organisations, governments, donors and girls themselves already know the solutions to these challenges. But everyone must take collective action to ensure this 8-point plan becomes a reality. 

Become a partner today to stand with girls and show your support for accelerating progress to meet the specific and unique needs they face in times of crises. This partnership will facilitate a diverse range of partners to engage in dialogue, share experiences and best practices, and strengthen collaboration.

Through voluntary commitments, partners are invited to scale up their ambitions in response to this Call to Action from adolescent girls, working in partnership with other members and girls themselves.